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Film Shoot Report Card
Gossip Girl March 31 Leroy St. (bet. Bleecker & Bedford  
Law & Order Criminal Intent March 30, 31

3rd St. near MacDougal, West 10th St.

The Baster

March 30,
April 6

Washington St. & West 12th, Horatio & 8th Avenue  
Sorcerer's Apprentice March 19 Washington Square  
Dreaming- NFL Draft March 25 Minetta St., 6th Ave.  
Real NY Girls March 14 West Side Hghwy (Bet. Bank & Bethune) Interior production that did not affect the neighborhood.
Jack Goes Boating" March 2 On and near 72 Barrow Street It went very smoothly.Took minimal parking and made a donation to the block association for our beautification program.
Sprint Commercial January 8, 2009 AOC Restaurant (Bleecker) &14th & Hudson . Very generous contribution to Grove St. BA. BA president reports that film crew called him and were great. "They cleaned up everything perfectly and were a pleasure to have on our street."
Green Apple Nov. 23 775 Washington St.  
Burn Aug. 29 Greenwich St. near W. 10th No complaints from neighbors.
Verizon Wireless Oct.27 Morton Street Small scale shoot with no issues.
Payless Ad Nov. 10 West 10th St. Small scale problems.
Kings Nov. 24 Several locations in West Village off West Street Did not affect local streets...
The Tested Aug.26 Bleecker & Bank Did not respond to phone calls from block association for info. but no problems reported.
Nikon Com Aug. 26 St. Luke's & Varick No problems
An Englishman in New York Sept.9

MacDougal & Minetta Lane

Contribution to block problems.
The Unorthodox Project Sept. 5 5 St. Luke's Place

Pretty good shoot. Took up parking on both sides of the street but accommodated at least one resident who asked permission to park. No noise, no complaints that I know of. Staff very efficient & easy to work with. Generous contribution to block association

Barbara Walters Special Oct. 21 Cherry Lane Theater  
Law & Order SVU Nov. 15 14th St. area Very cooperative...contribution was passed on to complaints.
Atlantic Monthly documentary Sept. 19 Gay & Waverly small scale shoot, no complaints
Rocawear Ad Aug. 7 723 Washington St. No problems.
Fringe Aug 20 E. 10th St.  
Life on Mars Aug. 10 W. 13th St. ner Washington St. No problems.
The Cool Book July 16 Grove St.  
Walt Disney World July 16 55 Bethune St.  
Puppy Love Aug. 22 Jane St. No problems reported
Puppy Love

Aug. 19


W. 10th St. No problems.
The Good Guy Aug. 10 Thompson St.  
Olay Commercial Aug. 5 55 Bethune No problems.
Puppy Love Aug. 22 Greenwich St. near Jane  
Top Chef Aug. 21 9 Jones St.  
Night at the Museum II Aug. 13 6th Ave. near Bleecker  
PS ad for pet adoption Aug. 14 Perry St. No problem, no contribution solicited.
Pacific Custom Video Aug. 8 Bank near Washington St.  

Law & Order
Criminal Intent

July 15 5th Ave. & 8th St., W.12th SDt. & 7th Ave.  
Everybody's Fine June 7 7th & Greenwich Aves. Robert DeNiro Film. Brief filming, no incidents, contribution to GVBA and GO Project
Bride Wars June 4 Hudson near Morton  
Charles Swab Ad June 6 Washington betw. VBank & We.11th Streets  
Accessorize Fusin May29 Perry Street Not a problem shoot.s
Fidelity Commercial June 10 Washington & Bank Sts.  
Renault Photo Shoot June 8 Gansevoort Area  
Citroen Ad June 6 Gansevoort Area  
Veronika Decides to Die June 10 Bleecker & Grove Contribution to BA. No problems.
CSI NY June 6, 9 Westbeth Roof No parking issues or complaints.
Biscuit Commercial April 17, 18 Barrow St. between (Bedford & Hudson) BBC reports— it went smoothly ... made a generous contribution for our ongoing beautification programs.
Chevy Malibi Commercial May 7 Washington St.  
The Rebound

May 13,
May 21

Several Village sites including PS3 & Morandi. also St. Luke's Place Catherine Zeta Jones flick...generous contribution to GVBA, WB11 Neighbors and Perry St. BAs, St. John's in the Village, Rattlestick Theater, & PS 41 PTA for sports support.St. Luke's BA says " They tied up parking from Sun through Tues because they got rained out on Mon. But when I contacted Matt Flanders, Asst. Locations Director, he was responsive and I now have a check for the BA.
the report on AF Productions is: good, cooperative & generous."
The Hungry Ghost May 29

Bank & Bleecker,
Washington Square Park

Impt. Things w/ Demetri June 9 17 Barrow Indpt. film
Motherhood June 9 Bleecker Playground  
Miss Fortune May 26 Washington Sq. North & W.4th St. Very small budget film, no contribution asked for.
Via Spiga ad May 28 King & MacDougal  
Untitled KD Project May 23 Bedford Street  
Jungland June 5 Christopher, Gay Street area  
Untitled Nicole Holofcenter May 12 43 Fifth Ave. TV reported problems.
Nintendo Commercial May2 West 11th St. & Bleecker Playground  
Criminal Intent April 30 Horatio St. & Gansevoort St. No problems reported.
Julie & Julia May 1 MacDougal St. (Provence), 6th Ave. (Bar 6)

"Julie & Julia," stars Meryl Streep & Amy Adams. Location manager Len Murack did not answer phone calls, big budget film did not contribute to any community charities despite large presence in the Village.

New York, I Love You April 24 44 Morton St., former home of W.H. Auden No problems reported....worked with block association
Motherhood Several dates throughout the month Bedford St area Written, directed by Villager Katherine Diekerman starring Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver, Anthony Edwards about a mom who lives in two sixth-floor walkup apartments in a rundown building & is having a challenging day: a film crew takes over her block for a shoot, she battles to find a parking space & she has to walk an incontinent dog and navigate playground politics.
Law & Order April 22 Little West 12th St.  
WASP 2008 April 16, 17 Bedford St & other Village sites. New Woody Allen film and as always plot is hush-hush. Contribution to GVBA includes donation for Washington Square Music Festival. BBC reports "An interior shoot on Bedford They were cooperative and took few parking spaces. They made a generous contribution to the block association for our ongoing beautification programs."
Good Morning Japan April 10 Bleecker Street  
Kraft Commercial March 25 Christopher Street  

New York,
I Love You

April 18 St. Luke's Place No reported problems with shoot.
Duplicity April 21 Grove Street, Bedford Street

Julia Roberts & Clive Owen flick. Grove St. BA had no problems with the shoot & received a generous contribution. The word from Bedford, Barrow Commerce BA is different. Residents had complaints about rude crew & failure of locations to communicate.

ING Direct Commercial April 17 West 11th & Bank Sts. For British market, generous contribution to WB11 Neighbors
AMP Commercial April 10,11 14 Grove St.  
Maybelline Ad April 8 Leroy St.  
Fresh Takes Commercial April 3,4 55 Bethune St.  
Apple Commercial March 26, 27 8th Ave/14th St.  
New York, I Love You March 19

French Roast,
Jerri's Cleaners

Gant Commercial March 12 Biography Bookstore Very small scale shoot, not a problem.
Gigantic March 24 Gansevoort Street  
Notorious March 21 Union Square Virgin Store  
Will March 20

All over the Village, including St. Luke's Place, Sheridan Square, Christopher Street, Bleecker Street

Independent film.
New York,
I Love You
Late March Several Village locations, Commerce and West 11th & W. 4th

12 filmmakers direct a short film (5 minutes) about encountering love in NYC. Includedom cast: Robin Wright Penn, Natalie Portman, Kevin Bacon, Dustin Hoffman with Village native Scarlett Johansson in her directorial debut. Generous contribution to local block associations. Thanks, Steve, Matt.

Ten Stories Tall March 3, 14 Washington Square Park. Hudson River Park. 71 Horatio Street  
Confessions of a Shopaholic Late Feb. Meatmarket, 5th Avenue etc. Film from famed book series with Isla Fisher , Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter. No problems reported...generous contribution, part to go to Greenwich Music School, Washington Square Music Festival, Village Temple Soup Kitchen. Thanks Maria
MTUV Black History Month Feb.8 Electric Lady Studios  
Metrovision Productio Group Feb,5 Brittany Hall,55 E.19th St.  
I Know Jan.31 Little W. 12th St. Music Video
Make Me A Supermodel Jan.25 E. 12th & 13th between Fifth & University  
Woolite Commercial Feb. 1 67 Gansevoort.  
Untitled Avery Project Dec.3 Nick's Hair Salon on Horatio No problems.
Doubt Dec. 3 St. Luke's School & vicinity Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep. Unexpectedly took parking on Barrow Street as well as impacting Grove St. Large shoot over several days, Moderately disruptive. Contribution to Grove St. BA
Metrovision Nov.28 Hotel Gansevoort Not a Village favorite, but no problems with the shoot reported.
Boar's Head Commercial Nov.29 Washington Sq. Park No reported problems.
Nick & Nora Dec.7 Waverly near 6th Ave. No, not the Thin Man. Comedy about teens on the hunt for a secret concert being held by their favorite band. Not a problem. Contribution to be distributed as discussed. Thank you....
Music Video Dec.17 Beatrice Inn
12th St,
Leibovitz Studio Amex Dec.14

DVF Store
14th St.

Manhattan Moms commecial Dec.12 9th Ave. bet. 14th and Gansevoort  
Adam Dec.16 Cherry Lane & Barrow St. Film dealing with Asperger's Symdrome starring Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher. Major problem shoot. Crew filmed until 1:30am in defiance of rules. Very noisy, truck motors on. Crew talking to each other very respect for neighborhood. Residents yelling out of windows for quiet. Makes things very tense for the next crew wanting to shoot in this location. Bad News Crew!
film shoots continued


Greenwich Village serves as location for countless movie, television, and commercial film shoots. While these shoots are sometimes annoying (lights, vehicles, noise etc.), many companies are minimally disruptive & contribute to block associations which are primaraily responsible for preserving the ambiance that lures visitors & film makers to our community.



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